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Keep for Reference – Welcome Our Forum Presenters


Keith Miller N9DGK



Keith is the current ARRL Section Manager for Tennessee.

He is responsible for carrying out the duties of the office in accordance with ARRL policies established by the Board of Directors and shall act in the best interests of Amateur Radio.

Keith brings a wealth of knowledge about issues affecting Amateur Radio and what may lie on the road ahead.



Steve Ewald WV1X
Steve holds an Amateur Extra Class and is the ARRL Field Organization Supervisor who helps provide administrative support and guidance to Section Managers and Field Organization appointees.
He has been a staff member at ARRL Headquarters for 36 years, and is active as a club officer for the Newington Amateur Radio League and the Connecticut Chapter of QCWA.
Steve is originally from Knoxville, and was first licensed as a radio amateur in 1972. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Forum Topics*:
  • Proposed ARES Strategic Plan
  • New ARRL Volunteer Monitoring Program

Paradan Radio

Daniel (Dan) Gravereaux N1ZZ

Dan holds an Amateur Extra Class and is the founder of West Mountain Radio.  Since his retirement, he continues to contribute his considerable audio and amateur radio expertise to the development of new products that are smarter, easier to use and offer greater connectivity with PCs and the internet.

Dan’s new company, Paradan Radio, provides cutting-edge equipment in the field of DC power in the shack and protective gear for ham radio.

Forum Topic*:  Hamshack DC, Batteries, and Lightning Safety



John Davis WB4QDX


John holds an Amateur Extra Class and has been licensed since 1969. He has been in wireless communications of various types throughout his professional career.

He built his first VHF repeater in 1975 in Nashville, his first UHF repeater in 1982 installed on Stone Mountain in Georgia and has been involved with VHF and UHF repeaters of various modes

Having professional roots in early cellular digital communications, he became interested in digital voice and data modes for Amateur Radio and in 2009 secured a $250,000 grant from Georgia Emergency Management Agency to build out D-STAR systems across Georgia.

John is currently involved with various digital modes and serves in the Georgia Section of ARES promoting and teaching digital modes for emergency communications. He has conducted D-STAR forums, seminars and training across the country including D-STAR InfoCon at Dayton Hamvention for several years.

Professionally, he is the system administrator and manager of a large P25 Public Safety communications system for Gwinnett County, Georgia.



Ed Woodrick WA4YIH


Ed holds an Amateur Extra Class and has been licensed since 2000. 

Ed started in digital radio 30 years ago with Civil Air Patrol, creating the National Digital Radio Network, combing HF and VHF packet networks for a cross continental data transfer network. Ed participated in the Peachtree Road Race for over 20 years and in the 90’s created a Packet Medical Response System that consisted of a database of all runners accessed by up to 10 medical facilities around the finish line. At each facility, a packet radio station was deployed and allowed operators to perform admits, discharges, and lookup patient information.

In 2008, Ed created, one of the most popular D-STAR websites on the Internet. provides a number of features that help users get on D-STAR, including the ability to update the database in the radios. Ed has led the Friday Evening D-STAR gathering at the Dayton Hamvention for many years and works alongside of John Davis, WB4QDX and Robin Cutshaw AA4RC to implement and maintain many of the Georgia based D-STAR repeaters.


Icom America

Will Jourdain AA4WJ

For the love of Ham Radio.  This motto has been at the heart of Icom’s philosophy ever since our first Amateur transceiver rolled off of the assembly lines back in 1964.  To this day, Amateur Radio remains one of Icom’s largest divisions as we remain committed to the hobby that we love through continued technological innovation in our product line. Digital voice technologies like D-STAR and powerful new software-defined radios like the IC-7300 and IC-7610 have expanded new horizons for enthusiasts all over the world.

Will Jourdain, AA4WJ, is one such enthusiast, having been licensed for almost twelve years.  He has been a member of the Icom family, working as a sales representative for Amateur Radio products, for over three of those years.  Born in Dalton, Ga and now living in Atlanta, some of Will’s earliest memories involve being around radios as his father, also a ham, introduced him to the world of RF communications.  Will now spends much of his time sharing his passion with fellow Amateur Radio operators as a spokesman for Icom products.

We hope that you will join Will in the Icom booth at Hamfest Chattanooga and Tennessee State D-STAR Convention. Whether you have questions about Icom products or just want to share your own passion for our marvelous hobby, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Forum Topic*:  What’s New from Icom?


YL Forum

Catherine Andrews AC4YL

Melanie Glemser AG4YL

Catherine Andrews AC4YL
Catherine was first licensed as KK4UBQ back in September 2013, upgraded to General Class License in April 2014, then upgraded to Amateur Extra Class license in December 2016 taking KW4PE before acquiring the vanity callsign AC4YL.  Believe it or not, a British TV mini-series called “Wish Me Luck” about underground wireless operators (including women) during WWII in France is what sparked her interest in amateur radio

She founded the YL Op Net back in October 2014 and this net is still active on the Echolink ALARA Conference every Thursday evening at 8pm Eastern year round.  The purpose of the net is to encourage YLs everywhere to become and stay active in amateur radio, enhance our operating knowledge and skills, share ham radio experiences, and have fun!

She enjoys contesting, activating parks for WWFF/KFF (before that had a blast activating parks for NPOTA with Melanie AG4YL back in 2016), encouraging other YLs to participate and have fun in amateur radio, doing YL forums at major hamfests in the Southeast with Melanie AG4YL, “chasing paper”, and exploring the many aspects of this wonderful hobby.

Melanie Glemser AG4YL
Licensed in 2014, Melanie enjoys contesting, portable operations, chasing DX and learning new ways to “play radio”.

She started participating in the YL Op net soon after she was licensed to find out if there was a place for her, being a YL, in amateur radio.  The answer?  Yes, there is!  It was finding that answer for herself that really inspired her to help other YLs find their own place in amateur radio.

“Having been fortunate to have some wonderful Elmers and Elmiras (YL Elmers), I wanted to give back to the hobby and help others, especially YLs, who often don’t have that built-in system of mentoring that the OMs do.”

Please join them for a look into YLs in Amateur Radio.  OM (Old Men) are welcome to participate in these forums…who knows you might learn a thing or two.  🙂

Forum Topics*: 

Part 1:  “YLs in Amateur Radio:  Then, Now, and On Into the Future”

Part 2:  “YLs in Amateur Radio:  Echolink and Contesting Basics and Demonstrations”

*Forum presenters and topics are subject to change.