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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

"Discover the magic and camaraderie of amateur radio!"

Our Officers and Appointees

CARC LogoAdministrative oversight is provided by our Executive Board which consists of up to twelve elected officers. The Executive Board consists of seven director seats (each seat is part of an overall staggered term requirement for director seats) and four officer positions (one-year terms).  A director is selected by fellow directors to serve as Executive Board Chairperson for a six-month term.  At the end of each six month period, another director is selected for the next six month period and so on.  Staggered director terms are required to help ensure continuity of club management.  Day-to-day management and operations is provided by the four officer positions.  The Executive Board or the President may appoint individuals for special tasks or roles. Appointees serve at the sole discretion of the appointing office.

It takes lots of work and coordination to make a club successful and we appreciate the work of everyone holding office or an appointment.

Executive Board Meetings.

Executive Board meetings are normally conducted at the:

Rib & Loin Restaurant
5435 Tennessee Hwy 153,
Hixson, Chattanooga, TN 37343

A Google map is available here.  Meetings normally start at 6pm.

Executive Board meetings are open to the membership and are usually well-attended “Dutch Treat” affairs.

The schedule for Executive Board Meetings is published on the CARC General Calendar.

In the interest of getting business done, we ask that visitors permit the Board and those with specific business with the Board, to have first “dibs” on seating so they will be able to conduct business effectively.

Executive Board Directors & Board Appointees

NameCallsignTerm Expires
Tom Wolfe, Director
(Current Chairperson)
Tom Morgan, DirectorK4VCM2021-12-31
Harriett Schroeder, DirectorKK4EAO2021-12-31
Charlie Curle, DirectorAD4F2022-12-31
Gary Ownsby, Director
(Special Liaison ARRL, Government, & Served Agencies)
Betsy McSweet, DirectorKE4RP2022-12-31

Executive Board Officers & Presidential Appointees

Important: Please use the email addresses shown below to contact specific officers or appointees. We have recently implemented Google for Nonprofits and all email for club-related business and activities should use the new email addresses shown below.
OfficeNameCallsignPhoneClub Email
Vice PresidentRichard (Rich)
SecretaryRichard (Ricky)
Hamfest Chair**Gary
Education & Testing Coordinator*Barclay
Field Day Manager 2020*Vacant
Technical Specialists*
(New technologies, digital systems, integrations, SDRs, etc.)
V.E. Team Leader*Art

*Presidential Appointee.  Appointees are not voting members of the Executive Board unless they hold another elected office.

**Board of Directors Appointee

All members are encouraged to attend.  Club meetings are also open to the public and especially to those interested in learning more about amateur radio and/or obtaining their FCC license.  It is suggested that non-members attending club meetings should join after attending a few meetings.  A membership application and fee payment are available on-line or may be submitted in person at almost all club meetings or events.  Submission of an application or payment does not guarantee membership as each application must be voted on by club membership.  Fees paid for applications which are subsequently disapproved by the membership, will be returned to the applicant.  Our club does not disclose personal information about its membership.  See Privacy of Members & Membership-Related Information.

The schedule for monthly meetings is published on the CARC General Calendar.

Monthly Club Meetings.

Monthly club meetings are normally held on the first Thursday of the month and are held at:

Our meeting location is:

Parkridge Diagnostic Center 
First Floor Conference Room
2205 Oak Street
Chattanooga, TN

This is next door to Parkridge Hospital.  Park in the lot in front of the Diagnostic Center then walk into the main entrance.  Turn right at the Security Desk and enter the room.  Remember this is at the Diagnostic Center not the hospital.