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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

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Donations & Contributions to CARC

CARC LogoFor those with equipment, memorabilia, or other items directly- or indirectly-related to amateur radio, the CARC is always willing to consider donations of such to the club for its direct use or later sale by the club for the benefit of its membership.  As a nonprofit organization, the CARC will, on request, provide an appropriate record of the donation or contribution for tax purposes to the giving person or organization.

Recognizing the somewhat unique nature of amateur radio equipment & related gear, in the case of SKs (Silent Keys), the CARC is willing to provide guidance and perhaps assistance on an as-needed, labor-available basis, to help uninstall, dismantle, and remove equipment owned by the SK as a service to the family and/or estate.  In those cases, an on-site visit is recommended before actual removal efforts to determine the scope and level of effort required.  It will also be determined at that time if the intent of the family or estate, is to donate any or all of such to the club or simply for the club to assist in the family or estate’s efforts to sell it directly.  CARC is also willing to consider providing assistance in the form of simple estimates on the approximate value* of such items in the event the family or estate wishes to sell such directly whether such is donated to the club or not.  It should be noted that any estimates of value should not be considered legally valid for tax purposes, since it is the responsibility of the donor to justify, if necessary, the value of donated property.  The donor should consult with a tax professional before using such information for tax return purposes.

Where the CARC agrees to assist in the removal of equipment & gear, the CARC will use due diligence and care to protect such as well as prevent or minimize damage to adjoining property, equipment, etc., not directly related to the amateur radio equipment; however, the CARC cannot and will not accept responsibility for any damages that are otherwise unavoidable in removal.  Prior to any such effort, the CARC will advise the family or estate of the risk of collateral damage which might or could be incurred as well as the club’s level of involvement.  After consideration of such, the CARC, the family, or the estate may opt to not proceed.  Such agreements and understandings shall be confirmed in writing (email is acceptable) as soon as possible and preferably before removal efforts begin.

The CARC also suggests that those becoming aware of any amateur radio operator who has become a SK, to consider taking the steps and actions described on the Silent Key Page.

If you have questions or requests for assistance, please contact us at