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Charlie Curle, AD4F - Silent Key

(Photo Courtesy of Family & Valley View Chapel of Chattanooga Funeral Home, Crematory and Florist 7414 Old Lee Hwy., Chattanooga, TN 37421)

2020-06-18 9 AM EDT

Good Morning All,

Charlie Curle (Charles Edward Curle, Jr.), AD4F’s obituary has now been posted.  Click Here to view it.

Due to the COVID-19 situation, there will be no services or memorials at this time.

We will all miss Charlie.  In the few years that I personally knew and worked with him on club-related activities, we may not have always agreed on some topic but I always knew he was always supportive of our club and Amateur Radio.  He was not a fair-weather member or friend and he understood that one of the truest measures of support to any cause or organization was to give of himself by being there in person through thick or thin.

Over the span of time, he endured many health issues but those issues seldom deterred Charlie from getting out and participating in radio events, hamfests, or a good meal thanks to his network of friends and family that helped keep him on the move until the day he left us for a far better place.

Charlie was not your average “ham”.  He was technically skilled, solidly competent, and practiced in how to get things done whether it was working DX, assembling an awkward, perplexing antenna, or sharing his knowledge with others just coming on-board to Amateur Radio.  His obituary commented on his similarity to the role of John Travolta in the movie “Michael”.  I think that’s true in many ways though Charlie’s skills and knowledge came not from a flash of light from the sky but from dedication and commitment to learning and applying those skills to helping others.

I, too, as others have noted, enjoyed his funny jokes and the goofy grin that he would share after the punchline set in.  He had a pleasantly mischievous nature about him that still makes me smile when I think of him.  The crooked halo in the photo above seems so fitting as we all have a touch of “devil or angel” from time to time and Charlie was no exception.  I remember several of us including Charlie were setting up the MCP for an event in the Red Cross parking lot.  Coax was being laid out but not connected to antennas and he was sitting in front of a radio, winked at me, and keyed up the transmitter for a brief instant.  We both heard someone yell from outside the MCP as they had gotten a minor shock.  Whether it was deliberate or accidental for him to key up…you can guess but I think the mischievous side won out that day.  🙂

On occasion, Charlie and I would talk about things outside of this world and I know that he did not fear death but was making the most of his time here and biding time until he would join his beloved wife in Heaven.

So as we shed tears for Charlie, let us smile too and remember the man, friend, and club member he was to bring back a smile to each of us.

Thank you.


Gary Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2020
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

image of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19)

COVID-19 Affecting Club Activities

In view of the public health crisis now upon us with COVID-19, a.k.a. “Coronavirus”, the CARC Executive Board has unanimously agreed to cancel the following club activities:

Executive Board Meetings and monthly club meetings are canceled until further notice.

Decisions about club activities will be made on a month-to-month basis and announced prior to dates of any scheduled meetings, workshops, or other activities.

Our Website is Transitioning to SSL

Due to changes in modern browsers, our website is now transitioning to use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology.  What this means to website users, is that traffic between your computer and our website are now encrypted to minimize the risk of information being intercepted to or from our server.  This is a good change!

So the official URL of our website will now be:   (Note the “s” in http).

As our transition moves forward, any browser warning messages that you may occasionally receive will be come fewer and fewer.

Jack P. Thompson, N5UOV – Hamfest Volunteer Door Prize Winner!
Jack (right) was the lucky Hamfest Volunteer Winner of a new Icom IC-7300 SDR Radio. He was one of almost 60 hamfest volunteers that worked tirelessly to make Hamfest Chattanooga 2019 our best-executed event, two-day event in our club’s history. Congratulations to Jack and to all our volunteers for stepping up to the plate and making our hamfest great!

What A Great Thing To Do!

Ervin Sweet, WA9ERT, was one of our two Grand Prize Winners at Hamfest Chattanooga 2019…winning a new Icom IC-7300 SDR Radio.  As it turned out, he already had a 7300.  Knowing of the theft of some club radios this past July when our communications trailer was stolen, Mr. Sweet decided to donate his less than two-year old 7300 to the club to replace one of the stolen HF radios.  Our club is honored by Mr. Sweet’s donation.  We’ll all remember his generosity when his donated radio is fired up for club events.

Mr. Sweet presented his radio to the club at a monthly club meeting.

A Future Ham Radio Operator
Katie B. operates an HF radio under the supervision of a licensed ham radio operator.
Stephen Hamill KN4NSZ
13-Year Old, Stephen Hamill listens intently for radio traffic during ARRL Field Day.
Ham Radio Always Draws A Crowd
Kids have fun, parents & grandparents beam as they watch their children learn ham radio.

This video was made by Jonathan Hamill at today’s CARC ARRL Field Day 2019.  Great fun, food, and fun for all.

Scouting News Radio Merit Badge Training.

Scouts from Troops 172 & 20 took part in earning the Radio Merit Badge and learning about Amateur Radio.  Extra thanks to CARC members Garland Eubanks, Robert Wilson, David Wilson, Bill Price, Chad McFarlin, and Robert Berman for their time and enthusiasm.  See photos below.