Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

"Discover the magic and camaraderie of amateur radio!"

Hamfest Chattanooga 2021

An Outdoor Event Sponsored by The Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club
Saturday, October 16, 2020 / 7 AM – 2 PM ET
Greenspace in Front of the Camp Jordan Amphitheatre


Welcome to Hamfest Chattanooga 2021.

Our event will be different this year as it will be an all-outdoor event.  We hope you will enjoy the more relaxed and informal atmosphere and will join us for a fun day.  If you want to sell gear you no longer need, it’s a great time to clean out the ham shack and that closet or two that’s full to overflowing.  We invite you to read a summary of our event below.

What: Hamfest Chattanooga 2021 is a completely outdoor, “rain or shine” event this year.  It is intended to be a ham radio boneyard-type event.  The event begins at 7 AM local time (Eastern) and concludes at about 2 PM.

In addition to what we hope will be a great day of bargain shopping, we’ll also have a Jamboree On The Air (JOTA) station in operation for scouts to use and reach for DX (or have some plain ole radio fun).

Where:  The event is adjacent to the Camp Jordan Amphitheatre (not Camp Jordan Arena).  The Amphitheatre is at the north end of the park near the ballfields.  The event will be held in the large grass field immediately in front of it.  In the event of excessive rain prior to the event, we may relocate to the paved parking lot on the northwest side of the Amphitheatre area.

Cost:  There is no charge to attend/shop unless you intend to sell.  Those wishing to sell pay only $10 per single “space” or $15 per “vehicle & trailer” (two spaces).  If you need more than two spaces, we’d be happy to work with you on an even better discount for multiple spaces.  To keep things simple, payment must be made in cash upon arrival at the event.

For clubs, we will provide 1 parking space free of charged for information tables, etc.  If you intend to sell anything on behalf of your club, you must pay for the spaces you occupy to be fair to other sellers.

GPS Address for Camp Jordan:  323 Camp Jordan Pkwy, East Ridge, TN 37412.  The Amphitheatre Greenspace is at the north end of the park just past the ballfields.

Weather Considerations.  While we are hopeful for pleasant weather, October can provide unexpected weather conditions so guests and sellers are urged to be mindful of the local weather forecast as the event draws near.  Sellers may use reasonably-sized pop-up canopies if desired provided such stay within the confines of the space for which they have paid.

Reservations.  No reservations are required as this is a first-come, first-served event; however, if you have particular needs or preferences, please contact us as soon as possible so that we may have time to evaluate your request.

Tables.  Tables are not available for rental.  Please bring your own if needed to sell or offer information on your ham-related organization or group.

Restrooms.  Restroom facilities are located within easy walking distance.

On-Site Food & Drinks.  Due to the abundance of nearby restaurants and fast food (at the entrance to Camp Jordan), there will be no on-site food or drinks unless you bring your own.

Electrical Power is not available unless sellers choose to bring a generator for their own use.

Rev 2 2021-09-16 Information contained in this document may change without notice so please check here for revisions.