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Welcome Our Forum Presenters

Howard E. Michel, WB2ITX

Howard E. Michel, WB2ITX
CEO & Secretary, ARRL

“I have Amateur Radio to thank for starting me on a very successful career, and I’m excited about the opportunity to further ARRL’s goals as CEO. Leading the League will allow me to ‘give back’ to a great community and provide similar opportunity for future generations,” Michel said. “I have been a licensed ham for 50 years, and I’ve seen many changes in the hobby. One of my top priorities as CEO will be to develop new products and services so all licensed hams, whatever their license class or interest, find value in League membership,” he added.
Michel was first licensed as WN2ITX when he was about 16 years old and upgraded to General and Advanced within a year. He earned his Amateur Extra-class license in 2000. He notes that he has always had a strong interest in building and repairing radio equipment. “I’ve operated CW/AM/FM/SSB/digital on 80/40/20/15/10/2 on equipment that I have either built, repaired, or modified.”
His full bio is available here.



Dan Henderson, N1ND
ARRL Regulatory Information Manager

Dan has been a licensed amateur for nearly 50 years (in January 2020) and has been active in most aspects of the hobby at some time during that span. He has a background in History and Political Science and taught Political Science and Criminal Justice at several universities before coming to the ARRL in 1998 as the Contest Manager. Since June 2006, he has been the Regulatory Information Manager at the ARRL, and since 2016, he also serves as assistant Secretary of the organization.

As Regulatory Information Manager he is responsible for providing up-to-date information and handling queries on FCC rules and regulations, antenna restrictions, and related topics.  He serves as the liaison with the US Air Force and Department on Defense on the PAVE PAWS interference mitigation project. Inquiries about reciprocal operating cross his desk. He serves as the administrator for the Volunteer Counsel and Volunteer Consulting Engineer programs.  Over the past several years, he served on the committee to work with the FCC on developing the new Volunteer Monitor Program, that is scheduled to kick off in the fall of 2019 as the replacement for the Official Observer Program, serving as headquarters liaison to the VM program administrator.

 As Assistant Secretary of the ARRL, Henderson serves as recording secretary to the ARRL Board of Directors, as well as secretary to the Board’s Executive, Programs & Services, and Ethics & Elections Committees.

David Norris, K5UZ
ARRL Director
Delta Division

David will lead the ARRL Forums.  He was first licensed in 1976.  He currently holds an Amateur Extra class license.  David is a member of various ARRL committees and groups.

Keith Miller, N9DGK
Tennessee Section Manager


Keith is the current ARRL Section Manager for Tennessee.

He is responsible for carrying out the duties of the office in accordance with ARRL policies established by the Board of Directors and shall act in the best interests of Amateur Radio.

Keith brings a wealth of knowledge about issues affecting Amateur Radio and what may lie on the road ahead.



John Davis, WB4QDX

John holds an Amateur Extra Class and has been licensed since 1969. He has been in wireless communications of various types throughout his professional career.

He built his first VHF repeater in 1975 in Nashville, his first UHF repeater in 1982 installed on Stone Mountain in Georgia and has been involved with VHF and UHF repeaters of various modes

Having professional roots in early cellular digital communications, he became interested in digital voice and data modes for Amateur Radio and in 2009 secured a $250,000 grant from Georgia Emergency Management Agency to build out D-STAR systems across Georgia.

John is currently involved with various digital modes and serves in the Georgia Section of ARES promoting and teaching digital modes for emergency communications. He has conducted D-STAR forums, seminars and training across the country including D-STAR InfoCon at Dayton Hamvention for several years.

Professionally, he is the system administrator and manager of a large P25 Public Safety communications system for Gwinnett County, Georgia.



Ed Woodrick, WA4YIH

Ed holds an Amateur Extra Class and has been licensed since 2000. 

Ed started in digital radio 30 years ago with Civil Air Patrol, creating the National Digital Radio Network, combing HF and VHF packet networks for a cross continental data transfer network. Ed participated in the Peachtree Road Race for over 20 years and in the 90’s created a Packet Medical Response System that consisted of a database of all runners accessed by up to 10 medical facilities around the finish line. At each facility, a packet radio station was deployed and allowed operators to perform admits, discharges, and lookup patient information.

In 2008, Ed created, one of the most popular D-STAR websites on the Internet. provides a number of features that help users get on D-STAR, including the ability to update the database in the radios. Ed has led the Friday Evening D-STAR gathering at the Dayton Hamvention for many years and works alongside of John Davis, WB4QDX and Robin Cutshaw AA4RC to implement and maintain many of the Georgia based D-STAR repeaters.


Dr Gary Eiff, W3GME
McMinn County (TN) Amateur Radio Club

Gary is a recent addition to the Amateur Radio community getting his first license in 2016. However his interest in radio dates back to his early childhood and the influences of several neighbors who were ham operators. That interest led to electronic tinkering and eventually a career in Avionics (aircraft electronics).

An academic for 28 years after a brief period as an aircraft mechanic and avionics technician, he taught Aeronautical Engineering Technology at Purdue University. Following that, he was a Senior Scientist for the United States Navy stationed at Patuxent River Naval Air Station helping design, test and acquire tomorrow’s Naval Aviation platforms.

His interest in Ham radio encompasses all modes with a special interest in the various digital modes and emergency communications.

Forum Topic:  APRS (Automated Position Reporting System)

Award-winning and best-selling author Don Keith, N4KC, has lived in the South all his life and is a graduate of the University of Alabama with a degree in Broadcast and Film.  As a broadcast journalist, he won awards from the Associated Press and United Press International for news writing and reporting and was also the first winner of Troy University’s Hector Award for innovation in broadcast journalism. As an on-the-air broadcaster, Don was twice named Billboard Magazine “Radio Personality of the Year.”  His first novel, THE FOREVER SEASON, received the Alabama Library Association’s “Fiction of the Year” award.  He has since published more than thirty books, fiction and non-fiction, including several nationally best-selling thrillers including FIRING POINT, which was the basis for the hit motion picture HUNTER KILLER, starring Gerard Butler and Gary Oldman.
His writing has also appeared in such publications as The Washington PostCQ Magazine, The American Legion MagazineThe K9YA Telegraph, and The Irish Times. He has also appeared on scores of TV shows from Fox Nation to CSPAN’s  “Book TV.” Don frequently conducts seminars and writing workshops around the country and is an in-demand public speaker. He also has written several scripts and has other projects in various stages of pre-production for movies and television.
Among other topics, Don has written extensively about World War II history. He sponsors the UNTOLD MILLIONS Project, an effort to encourage the capture and publication of eyewitness accounts of major historical events such as the Great Depression, World War II and other wars, the space program, the Civil Rights struggle, and more.  The project web site is
Forum Topic:  The 10 Best Ways to Get On The Air

Jason Johnston, KC5HWB
Creator & Host of Ham Radio 2.0

Through the courtesy of RFinder, Jason Johnston will be on hand at the RFinder Booth to tell you the latest and greatest in Amateur Radio.  Jason will also present a forum “RFinder…A Revolution in DMR”.

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