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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

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Welcome to the Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club’s (CARC) Website.

Over the past few weeks, the Board, Elected Officers, and Appointees have worked hard on a variety of new initiatives for the club.  The aim of those initiatives is to improve our ability to serve you, the members.  To that end, we’ve implemented:

  • Google for Nonprofits to improve our internal collaboration, communications, and information sharing.
  • A new website (the one you’re viewing now) to evolve our Internet capabilities to another level.
  • A new calendar for members and the public to see “what’s up” as well as internal administrative calendars to help us get things done on time.
  • A new user forum to enable our members to share information and communicate with others. We’ve also created a forum area that is open to the public for those with an interest in amateur radio.  The public forum is moderated and requires review/approval by CARC Moderators of any public postings before they become visible.  This is done to ensure that such postings are appropriate for our forums.
  • A new photo/video sharing web environment to consolidate club media into one environment to share and maintain its photo/video history.
  • A Mobile Device Friendly SiteA new email notification service (MailChimp) to keep you better informed about things that affect the club and its members.
  • This website is now mobile device friendly. It detects the viewing device and automatically presents the best format & layout for that device.  Please note that not all content is practical to be viewed with mobile devices so the best viewing device is still a PC or a Mac.

You will see all of these changes come into play as we: improve communications with our membership, improve the quality of presentations, make more information & content available through the new website and new forums, and improve support for public service events and emergency management activities.

However, as you all know, change requires effort.  It requires us to think a different way, break old, comfortable habits; it takes us out of our comfort zone and requires us to learn new ways to conduct our business and activities. Unfortunately, change can also hurt feelings because we fail to give new ideas and methods a fair chance to prove themselves and probably most of all, we hold on to past methods too tightly.  Being humans, it’s all to easy to assign a sinister motive to a “new” thing even when no such motive exists other than improving how we do things.  As a wise ham, recently told me, “we have to evolve”.  Well said!

Others, much wiser than I have expressed a similar sentiment.  As Benjamin Franklin noted during his remarks on Article 7 of the “Founder’s Constitution” said “…On the whole, Sir, I cannot help expressing a wish that every member of the Convention who may still have objections to it, would with me, on this occasion doubt a little of his own infallibility–and to make manifest our unanimity…”

Gary Ownsby, CARC President 2015

Gary Ownsby, CARC President 2015

So I ask you for your understanding, patience, your cooperation and yes, to doubt a little of your own “infallibility” as we move the club forward in support of our “love of radio”.  None of us is perfect and none have all the answers.  Yes, we’ll skin our knees from time to time trying new things and new ways but with your help, our club will be all the better for it.  Thank you for joining us in this journey of renewal.


Gary S. Ownsby, AK4ZX
President 2015
Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

Club Phone:  423-308-3477