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ARRL-CARC Field Day 2022

RV/Camping Sites Free for Field Day Participants

First-Come, First-Serve Basis.

Three RV/Camping Spaces are available for ARRL-CARC Field Day Participants.  Spaces 520 and 521 have full hookups for power and water.  Space K has power only.

Contact Robert Berman @ if you would like to use any one of these three spaces.  Remember, this is First-Come, First-Serve.

Welcome to ARRL-CARC Field Day 2022.

Shelter #4

When:  2 PM EDT, Saturday, June 25th through 2 PM EDT, Sunday, June 26, 2022

Where:  Shelter #4, Chester Frost Park, 2277 Gold Point Cir N, Hixson, TN 37343
Once at the park, just follow the signs to Shelter #4.

The Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club supports and sponsors participation in Field Day to provide much-needed experience in setting up and operating an Amateur Radio station in less than perfect conditions…just as would be encountered in a post-disaster condition.

Our Communications Trailer Will Be On-Hand at Field Day.

Our Communications Trailer Will Be On-Hand at Field Day.

Field Day provides near-real world operating conditions but not from the comfort of your easy chair but from an often outside environment where the basic needs are minimal such as power, field antennas, little climatic control, and such.  Field Day is also perfect for personal fun when you wish to “go play radio” in a park, rural area, or in your own backyard.

Field Day also provides fun opportunities to learn just what it takes to be more mobile with everything needed to operate a bit more in the rough than normally done.

To encourage healthy competition, points are earned for stations contacted, use of emergency power, number of stations operated, etc.  Winning can be fun but the real purpose is to develop your knowledge and skill to operate under post-disaster conditions.

Working volunteers will receive a meal ticket for supper on Saturday night or breakfast on Sunday morning.

So join us for Field Day 2022.  We have lots of fun things to do as we prepare for and operate for 24 hours.