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Anticipated Door Prizes

Congratulations to our Grand Prize Winners:

Joe Miller of Hixson, TN

Ervin Sweet of Ooltewah, TN

Each received an Icom IC-7300 SDR Radio.

Hamfest Chattanooga 2019
Grand Prizes

2019 ARRL Delta Division Convention
2019 Tennessee State D-STAR Convention

Hamfest Chattanooga 2019 proudly announces it’s door prize list.
More prizes are added almost daily.  Check back often.

Days Until These Prizes Could Be Yours!

Door Prize Objectives & Philosophy.
Our overall objective is simple, we want every prize to be given away and we want to maximize the number of individual, unique winners so that we spread the pool of door prizes to the greatest number of guests.  Members of the Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club do not participate in our official Hamfest Chattanooga Door Prize Program so as to maximize the quantity of door prizes available for our guests.  Club members are permitted to participate in any door prize programs offered independently of our event by on-site vendors.  Rules of independent door prizes offered by on-site vendors are solely within the purview of the vendor.

Hamfest Chattanooga Door Prize Program Summary

For Grand Prizes, you do NOT have to be present to win.  If the Grand Prize winner is not present at the time of the drawing, we will attempt to contact the winner for seven days after the event using the contact information provided on their door prize entry stub.  If we receive no response within that period, we will cease efforts and contact the runner-up winner from the alternate winning ticket drawn at the same time.  All winners and runner-up winners will be publicly announced at the event and on our website.
For Hourly Prizes, you DO have to be present to win.  Hourly Prize winners have 15 minutes to claim prizes.  After that, the prize is put up for a subsequent drawing.  The door prize stubs of hourly winners are removed from additional consideration for hourly prizes.  We do add all hourly winners back into the prize drum for the Grand Prize Drawing near the close of the event on Saturday.
All winners in our door prize program must sign a simple Prize Accountability form which documents who-won-what for prize donors and to advise winners of potential sales taxes which may be due to appropriate tax authorities (depends on the value of the door prize).

Our Two Grand Prizes Are Two Icom 7300s

Icom IC-7300 SDR Radio
Icom IC-7300 SDR Radio

Two Icom IC-7300 SDR Radios
HF plus 50 MHz RF Direct Sampling 100 Watt Transceiver with Touchscreen
Regular Retail Price (Typical): $1,299.95 Each

Hourly Door Prizes Drawn Each Day!

Friday Hourly Prizes

Saturday Hourly Prizes

Icom ID-5100AD
Icom ID-5100AD

Two Icom IC-5100AD (Above)

144 / 430 MHz Dual-Band (VHF-UHF), D-STAR-Ready Mobile
50 Watt Transceiver with Touchscreen & GPS
Regular Retail Price (Typical):  $399.95 Each

Icom ID-4100A
Icom IC-2730A

One Icom IC-4100A (Above)

144 / 430 MHz Dual-Band  (VHF-UHF),
D-STAR-Ready Mobile
50 Watt Transceiver
Regular Retail Price (Typical):
$329.95 Each

One Icom IC-2730A (Above)

144 / 430 MHz Dual-Band  (VHF-UHF), Mobile, 50 Watt Transceiver
Regular Retail Price (Typical):
$299.95 Each

Icom ID-51A Plus 2
Icom ID-51A Plus 2

Two Icom ID-51A Plus 2 (Above)

144 / 430 MHz UHF/VHF D STAR Digital / Analog Hand Held Transceiver

Icom ID-31A Plus

One Icom ID-31A Plus (Above)

430 MHz UHF D STAR-Ready, Digital / Analog Hand Held Transceiver

One Icom IC-V86 (Above)

2M 7 Watt FM HT W/2250 mAh Li-ion Battery & Traditional BNC Connector

Kantronics KAM-XL TNC (Terminal Node Connector) was designed to operate in many different applications as the digital world continues to change. Engineered for years of dependable performance, the KAM-XL also includes room for new modes and upgrades well into the future. Kantronics, the pioneer in digital communications, now offers you 30 years engineering experience in the Kantronics KAM-XL.

MSRP:  $446.00

Courtesy of


Kantronics XL TNC


RSP1A – Radio Spectrum Processor 14 Bit SDR Receiver/includes SDR-UNO Software

Courtesy of:
Ham Radio Outlet

Atlanta, GA
Mark Holmes, Manager

SignaLink USB-Sound Card Radio Interface

  • FCC Class B Certified
  • Built-in Low-noise Sound Card
  • Simple Installation and Setup
  • Complete Radio Isolation
  • USB Port Powered
  • Works with virtually ALL Radios
  • Uses Mic, Data, or Accy Port
  • Supports virtually All Sound Card Digital and Voice Modes

Courtesy of

The Tornado Alert Device.

Tornado Alert is a scientific breakthrough based upon over 40 years of research. Unlike existing warning technologies, Tornado Alert constantly monitors the skies in real-time for electrical activity, the scientifically proven cause of tornado formation. Tornado Alert will tell you when a tornado, lightning or severe weather is detected within a 30 mile radius of your location, that’s up to 30 minutes warning with live proximity status, giving you with critical time to get to safety, day or night.

Courtesy of Tornado Alert, a division of Early Alert.

HamCall DVD

HamCall contains US and world-wide callsigns, all in one database. HamCall is updated every month! This means whatever time of year you buy HamCall, you won’t be buying a database that’s out-of-date!

Courtesy of Buckmaster International.

$100 Gift Certificate from DX Engineering.

(Has Expiration Date; Must Use Soon.)



Courtesy of DX Engineering.

A large variety of Easy Way Ham Books to help you achieve your ham radio goals and have fun along the way.

Courtesy of Buck K4ia
Easy Way Ham Books

Additional Door Prizes are in-house but not yet cataloged.  Check back again soon.


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  • Graphical representations of door prizes are for illustrative purposes only.  The actual appearance may vary based on actual production or designs in effect at the time of acquisition.