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Harriet Schroeder, KK4EAO – SK

Harriet’s obituary has now been published but obituaries barely scratch the surface of the real life that was lived.  Though an imperfect reflection of Harriet’s real life, it is clear from the obituary that Harriet lived a rich, full life, both professionally and in her private life.  As a longtime doctor, she served others with distinction, helping to resolve health problems and issues which diminished their lives.  Through Harriet’s care and skill, she helped her patients to recover and return to normal life as much as humanly possible.

Those of you that had more than a casual acquaintance with Harriet knew she was quite a character and had a dynamic nature that was not in keeping with her petite appearance.  Most of you know too that she was a serious night owl often working and enjoying life far after most of us had hit the sack.  Often we would awaken to find text messages from Harriet that were sent hours earlier while the rest of us were in dreamland.

In the last few years, Harriet’s great love was the YL Net to which she devoted much attention and time.  When describing the YL Net, I can still hear her say “It’s just wonderful!  We had YLs from all around the country.”  She and Amateur Radio just clicked…through our club and the YL Net, Harriet enjoyed the camaraderie that few achieve much less maintain throughout the years.

Though Harriet is no longer with us, I’m sure it would warm her heart and bring a smile to her face if you would rekindle your love of Amateur Radio and the great relationships with others that it offers.

Harriet’s obituary is published here:

A printable version is available here.

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