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HR-1301 – The Amateur Radio Parity Act of 2015

A few weeks ago many of you signed individual letters to your Congressional representative regarding HR-1301.  We ask you again to be active in your support of HR-1301.  Here is a message and request from David Norris K5UZ, our ARRL Division Director.  The text in green is wording for a suggested email to Chuck Fleischman.  Change the wording and the name of your Congressional representative as necessary.

Greetings ARRL Members in TN- 3,

I am writing you tonight in regards to the current centerpiece of our 2015 ARRL Legislative Action, HR-1301. In meetings with Congressman Fleischmann’s staff, we’ve been asked for constituent correspondence to show Mr. Fleischmann that there is a desire in his District for his continuing support of HR-1301. We need you to email him as soon as possible expressing your support of this bill.

To do this, please go to his website:

You will need to enter your zip code to authenticate that you’re a constituent, and you may need the “plus 4” digits of your zip code.  Then click on “Go to next step.” Fill in all the information. For message category use Telecommunications. Please ask Congressman Fleischmann to cosponsor HR-1301 in the message box. You may use this suggested email, or write something personal if you’d like. If you live in a community with an HOA and have not been allowed to have an antenna, please inform him of same. We hope that by getting member emails to his office, we can convince Congressman Fleischmann to add his name to the growing list of cosponsors.

Here is a suggested email. Please feel free to edit the message as to not make it look like a form letter. Once you’ve added your message on the above named webpage, please click on “send email.”

Dear Congressman Fleischmann,

I am a constituent in your District and I want to bring an issue to your attention. I am a federally licensed Amateur Radio operator, one of over 2,500 whom reside in your District. We provide communications support and participate in public service events on behalf of the community, during times of emergency by providing communications for local governmental agencies and non-governmental agencies (NGO) like the Red Cross and Salvation Army, communications support to the United States Military through their Military Auxiliary Radio System (MARS), to our neighbors when mainstream communications break down, and to the future of telecommunications as we participate in the development of cutting edge technology in this digital age.

We cannot do any of these things, which we do at no charge ever to anyone we help, without being able to place an outdoor antenna on our property.

Recently a bi-partisan Bill, H.R. 1301, was introduced by Mr. Kinzinger (R-IL) and Mr. Courtney (D-CT) which would extend the ability to properly negotiate with developments that have restrictions that routinely preclude Amateur Radio operators from putting up even a simple wire antenna in a tree that would never be seen by the community. We already have this ability with local zoning ordinances, but we need to extend this ability to operators living under land use restrictions. All we are asking for is reasonable accommodation.

As your constituent, I am asking that you support the good work we do as Amateur Radio operators by signing-on as a cosponsor. Please contact Rep.Kinzinger’s office to do so.

If you have any questions, please contact our Division Director, David Norris K5UZ at or 870-613-1606.



Again, once you’ve added your message on the above named webpage, please click on “send email.”  I urge each of you to take the time to do this and let’s make HR-1301 happen!

73 ES GL

David A. Norris, K5UZ
Director, Delta Division

ARRL Delta Division
Director: David A Norris, K5UZ