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Hardened Power Systems

Hardened Power Systems

Hardened Power Systems

Pulaski, Tennessee


Hardened Power Systems is a research, design and fabrication shop in Tennessee. Our specialty is portable power systems that are designed and built with a level of quality and durability that is lacking in the civilian marketplace. We use high quality materials and components and build each unit with great care. Each system is bench-tested and ‘burned in’ before shipping, then packed carefully and shipped to your door.

If your power needs are unique, feel free to call or email to discuss them. HPS designs and builds custom emergency power and backup power systems that actually do what we say they will. Our market is ever-expanding, and includes military, paramilitary, search and rescue, EMT and Fire Crews, Disaster and Civil Preparedness personnel, preppers, campers and more.

We strongly believe that an educated customer is a good one. We LOVE it when someone investigates the marketplace. Generally, people discover that our products simply have better specs, better components, and better value. Above all, when people see the quality that goes into the construction of our products, they are impressed.

As always, feel free to contact us with questions or comments.

A word about Quality…

When something is designed and built well, using quality materials, you can generally tell just by handling it. Our gear is no different. We use stainless steel hardware, pure stranded copper wiring, and high quality components. Just like quality tools can make a difficult job easier, quality components and materials actually increase efficiency and shorten assembly times.