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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

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Hamfest Forums & License Testing

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Forums at Hamfest Chattanooga 2015 are scheduled* to be:

  • Don Keith N4KC – author or 15 books will do a forum focused on the new ham for “Introduction Into the Hobby”.
  • Robert Petrie, W4AZM, owner of TN07, will do a forum on “Portable Antennas and Operations”.
  • Craig Behrens, author, will do present a forum “High-Road to Radio Adventures with Low-Power Field Op’s”.
  • Theo Laughner, KF4FAW, TVA Quality Control, will do a forum on “Lightning Protection”.
  • ARRL Forum on upcoming issues and ARRL in the State of Tennessee.
  • Frank Buie KK4WGZ, Hamfest VE Team Lead, will be doing license exams.

Important Information Regarding Licensing Testing:

  • Remember that Chattanooga is in the Eastern time zone.
  • Testing fee:  $15 (cash or debit/credit card).
    If you pass a test, you may take the test for the next level without additional charge; however, you must do so within the same test session.  For example, if you pass the Technician test, you may take the General without paying an additional fee.  If you pass the General, you may take the Extra without paying an additional fee provided that all are done within the same test session.  If you plan to attempt multiple tests, please be aware that while there is no specific time limit for taking a test, the testing room is a shared resource with other hamfest events therefore, the testing room is only available from 8:30 – 11:00am.  Please make sure you arrive well before the scheduled session start time, prepare, & study for testing in such a way as to complete the test(s) in the available time as well as be mindful of the time constraint during the test session(s).  We do not have the ability to relocate the test session(s) if you are not finished by 11am.
  • Picture ID or two other ID’s such as library card, voter registration, etc.
  • For a license upgrade:  Bring your original license and a copy.   The VE Team will keep the copy and return the original to you.
  • Any CSCE and a copy that you want considered.  The VE Team will keep the copy and return the original.  There will not be a copier available so please bring your own copies.

*Forum scheduling, speakers, and topics may change without notice due to circumstances beyond the control of the Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club.