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Hamfest Chattanooga 2022


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Event Table Layout Diagram

Hamfest Chattanooga 2022  |  (Reviewed for Accuracy – May 24, 2022)

Welcome!  Hamfest Chattanooga 2022 is on as an in-person, two-day event.  Though planning is still underway here are the basic facts:

Chattanooga is the “Gateway to The South”.  We are almost equidistant from Nashville, Knoxville, Huntsville, and Atlanta…about a two-hour drive from most major cities in the area.  Chattanooga has many things for the ham and non-ham to do and enjoy.  Chattanooga is a somewhat compact metropolitan area with most areas and things to do within a 15-mile radius.

Chattanooga has a revitalized downtown area, yeah, that’s very true.  We had and have electric buses long before it became en vogue with free transportation to most downtown areas.  The visitor side of the downtown area is anchored by the Tennessee Aquarium and many hotels & restaurants nearby for your enjoyment.  Several Lookout Mountain-based attractions are also available like Rock City, Ruby Falls, and such.

For history buffs, the Chickamauga & Chattanooga National Military Park is here…part is on the Chattanooga side of Lookout Mountain…the other is just off the mountain near Ft. Oglethorpe.

Chattanooga has several wonderful parks to enjoy including the 13-mile long, Tennessee Riverwalk (walking/cycling) which parallels the Tennessee River only a few feet away.  Like antique carousels?  Then visit Cooledge Park just across the river from the Tennessee Aquarium.

So why not take a few days before or after our event and enjoy the fun and history of the area?

Our hamfest site is located on the Tennessee-Georgia State Line (Exit 1) in the adjacent municipality of East Ridge, TN…about 10 miles from downtown Chattanooga.  East Ridge is also a city on the move with a developing entertainment/dining center near the Camp Jordan area near Exit 1.

Our hamfest is intentionally compact requiring minimal walking and is easy to get to from I-75 about 1 mile away.  Our compact nature encourages a friendly, handshaking atmosphere where old friends meet and new friendships are forged.


East Ridge Community Center
1517 Tombras Ave
Chattanooga, TN 37412

  • Thursday, October 13, 2022 – All Day Setup for Vendors
    (Doors open at 8 AM for vendor setup.)
  • Friday, October 14, 2022
    • Morning Setup for Vendors
    • Outside Flea Market Opens at 1 PM* EDT
      (Outside setup starts at noon.)
    • Show Hours 1 – 7 PM* EDT
  • Saturday, October 15, 2022
    • Outside Flea Market Opens at 7 AM* EDT
    • Inside Show Hours 8 – 3 PM* EDT
  • Free parking for guests.
  • Restrooms are available in the building lobby.  Show Admission is not required.
  • *All show hours are tentative.

Inside Show Admission.
Guests Ages 18 & Over:  $10 per person (covers both days)
Guests Ages 18 & Under:  Free
Inside Commercial Amateur Radio Vendors will receive two show admissions with the purchase of two or more tables.
Inside Flea Market Vendors will receive one show admission with a minimum of one table rented.
Outside Flea Market Vendors will receive one show admission with a minimum of one parking space rented.

Outside Flea Market Space.

  • There are 53 parking spaces in the Outside Flea Market.
  • Parking spaces in the Outside Flea Market are $10 for the first space then $5 per additional space (max. 3 spaces).  In case of inclement weather, Outside Flea Market Vendors may use pop-up tent canopies provided they stay within the confines of the space rented.
  • Fees paid cover both days of the show.
  • Admission is NOT required to shop in the Outdoor Flea Market.  Only those selling are required to pay. 

Table Pricing.
The first 6-foot, covered table is $20.  Each additional covered table is only $15.00.  Due to the venue size, there may be a per vendor limit on the number of tables.  We will work with you as best we can to accommodate the number of tables needed.  We’re sorry but a 6-foot table length is a venue requirement.  An appropriate number of chairs will be provided per vendor.

On-Site RV Parking/Overnight Camping.
Due to the construction of a Family Dog Park near the Community Center, no overnight RV parking or overnight camping is allowed…no exceptions.  RV’s may be parked behind the building during show hours but must be removed when the show closes each day.  Commercial RV campgrounds are available nearby and also at Camp Jordan Arena.  Overnight parking with hookups are available at Camp Jordan RV Park for $20 per night.  Call 423-486-2034 for more info.

On-Site Food.
Food and drink will be available from the official City of East Ridge caterer.

Recognized Amateur Radio Club or Groups.
If you represent a recognized Amateur Radio Club or group, we may have low-cost space available for you.  Just make a reservation and we’ll be in touch.

We have inside (heated/cooled) space and an outside flea market directly in front of the building.  The entire building is available to us this year.

Since the community center is a smaller venue, it is extremely important that you make your inside space reservation now.  No payment is required now so please complete the simple on-line space request form to reserve your space.  We’ll do our best to honor your location request if possible but as with many things, the early bird gets the worm!

No payment is required now.  Reservations should be made now to ensure you get an inside space.

Our space diagram will be available shortly but go ahead and use our on-line space request form “to get your foot in the door now”.  When our space diagram is available, we will contact you in the order we receive reservations to get the best space available for you.


Payment for reservations must be made no later than June 30, 2022.  All reserved tables must be paid in full by June 30th.  All reserved tables not paid in full by June 30th will be released and made available to anyone after that date.  If you cancel a reservation, your vendor space becomes immediately available to others.

We realize things can change so you may cancel your reservation no later than 45 days prior to the event without penalty.  Cancellations after 45 days prior, are subject to a 25% cancellation fee.