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Hamfest Overview

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Welcome to Hamfest Chattanooga 2016.

When:  Saturday, October 22, 2016; 8 AM – 2 PM EDT.  The FCC Test Session begins promptly at 9 AM EDT.  Friday afternoon setup is available for vendors.

Location:  East Ridge Community Center, 1517 Tombras Avenue, East Ridge, TN 37412

Overview:  Hamfests are long-established gatherings of amateur radio operators for various reasons.  Attendees often get a chance to meet fellow hams that they talk to on the radio and “put a face to the name” or to refresh long-held radio friendships.  Hamfests are also a place where commercial amateur radio dealers & vendors are on-site so that amateur radio gear may be physically examined, questions answered, and purchased rather than through a less personal Internet or phone call purchase.

Hamfests also provide an avenue to sell or purchase previously-owned gear through a flea market or boneyard environment where buyers can personally examine equipment, ask questions of sellers, and often purchase gear at substantially lower prices than if new.  Hamfests also provide a environment for organizational partners to mutually promote each other by having informational booths available.  Representatives from the American Radio Relay League (ARRL) attend many hamfests to engage hams to be a part of and participate in a larger national community of amateur radio and public service.

Hamfests provide a learning and general awareness environment for those interest in amateur radio to learn more with no pressure to join a club or organization but simply come and see what ham radio is all about.  Many hamfests also offer forums to discuss specific topics of interest in a classroom/seminar setting.

Most of all hamfests provide a pleasant learning environment to foster camaraderie in the world of amateur radio. So don’t miss out.  Make plans to attend Hamfest Chattanooga 2016 today!

Admission Price:  Admission to the Hamfest will be $10.00 per person over the age of 18. Admission will consist of an wristband as in the past years.

New!  To encourage interest in amateur radio and new hams, we will provide FREE admission to the first 20 25 individuals that pass their Technician Class Exam while at one of our exam sessions at Hamfest Chattanooga 2016.  We want to “reward” and congratulate those that pass the Technician Class Exam and welcome them into the fun of amateur radio.

Door Prizes:  There will be a registration area for door prizes for the event.  You MUST register to be eligible to win a “door prize”.  You can only register once for the door prizes.  Door prizes will be provided by various vendors.

No CARC board member, elected officers, presidential appointees, club members, or member’s family will be eligible to win any prizes. These are for other hams and visitors to the event.

Food & Drink:  Due to the close proximity of the event to many restaurants and fast food chains, we will NOT have a catered food service this year.  We will host a club-sponsored, club-benefited, coffee & soft drink service with perhaps some pre-packaged snacks.  Beverages and any food items may be bought from the snack bar area near the main lobby.

Forums:  We are looking into various forums for the hamfest at this time and will announce later on.

Boneyard:  Anyone wanting flea market/boneyard space must pay $5.00 per parking space needed.  Payment of the flea market/boneyard fee does not include inside event admission. Flea market/boneyard vendors must pay the regular admission of $10.00 in addition to any flea market/boneyard fees paid.

Parking:  First come, first served parking will be available near the building including a reasonable number of handicap spaces.

If you have questions, please contact the appropriate individual listed below:

Hamfest Chairperson:  Gary Ownsby (

Vendor Inside Sales:  Phil Mullins ( or 423-284-2661

Hamfest Team (