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Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club

"Discover the magic and camaraderie of amateur radio!"

How To Use The Forums

CARC LogoThe Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club (CARC) provides forums as a means for its membership and the public to exchange information in a discussion-type environment.  Civil, courteous, and respectful posts are a requirement. For most forums, registration is required for access; however, many forums permit viewing of content without.

To post to our forums, you must request access.  Please provide your full identity and callsign.  If you have no callsign yet, please say so.  Contact us to request access.  After we have verified your identity, you will also be provided additional information to access the forums.  We’re sorry that such measures are needed.

The “Non-Members Forum” is available to anyone with or without club membership.  In that forum, non-members may view content and/or post questions or comments about amateur radio or related topics for possible dialog with others.  It should be noted that the Non-Members Forum is a moderated forum.  As such any posts by non-members will be reviewed for appropriateness by CARC Moderators before the post is allowed to become visible within that forum.  Posts which are unacceptable to the CARC, will be disapproved and not allowed.

Membership in the CARC brings full access permission to all forums and once logged in, additional forums will be visible for viewing and posting.

Registration is done for members and non-members via a self-registration process.  A registration link is located near the top right of the browser screen when you go to the forum home page (link shown below). You must use a valid email address.  We suggest using an email account that you check often as the forum software will require you to validate and confirm information from time to time and forum moderators/administrators would also communicate with you at the email address you provide.

  1. We do not allow ambiguous or anonymous usernames.  For CARC members, the required format for username is:  “CALLSIGN Firstname Lastname” along with the password you desire. The amateur radio callsign should be in all capital letters with your first and last names properly capitalized.  No underscore (_) is needed between CALLSIGN and Firstname or between Firstname and Lastname.  Use ONLY a single space between CALLSIGN and Firstname or between Firstname and Lastname.  This makes identification by those reading and commenting on posts, to easily identify the posting party.  For those wishing to upload their own personal avatars, the maximum size is 100px x 100px.
  2. For forum guests (non-CARC members and non-hams), we suggest that you use your real name “John Doe”. If you choose to not use your real name, a civil, decent, username is required.  If you later join our club, we can modify postings made prior to membership to reflect the format shown in paragraph 1 above.
  3. For security purposes, please note that you will be logged out after several minutes of inactivity.  Just log back in to continue.

We encourage courteous, civil, and on-topic discussions.  The forum administrator and moderators may remove any post or reply that is considered inappropriate or offensive.  Forums are the place to learn from each other and not to engage in hostile conduct or to engage in topics often fraught with opinions or personal beliefs such a religion or politics so we strongly suggest that you refrain from subjects that are likely to evoke emotional responses. Repeated offenders will receive warnings and continued offense will result in being banned from the forums on a temporary or permanent basis.

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