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Chester Frost Simulated Disaster Response Drill

Save The Date!
Saturday, March 26, 2022  |  9 AM EDT
CARC Friends of Chester Frost Park Shoreline Cleanup &
Simulated Tornado Emergency Response Drill

Chester Frost Park
2277 Gold Point Cir North
Hixson, TN 37343

Our event this Saturday consists of two intertwined, simultaneous activities:

  1. A Friends of Chester Frost Park Shoreline Cleanup Effort.
    This is a way to “give back” to our community and to an organization that has been so supportive of our events.

    Participants should bring their own safety gear such as gloves, waterproof boots or shoes with grip treads, etc.  If you have a long-reach grabber tool, it will help to minimize fatigue to your back from stooping or bending over.  As it is Springtime, please be aware that Nature is waking up so the shoreline may have wildlife and critters of all kinds in close proximity.

    The general idea is to equate unwanted, undesired items (trash) found on the shoreline as the result of a tornado impact, i.e., as injured people or fatalities.  Locations of the injured or deceased will be reported via radio and the resulting information will be used to coordinate additional emergency responses appropriate to the specifics of each situation. 

  2. An Emergency Drill to Simulate a Tornado Disaster Involving a Large Marina.
    This drill helps prepare and reacquaint us with standardized procedures to help respond and manage our response to disasters as well as public service events that we support.

Both activities will require ham radio operators to be able to operate handheld radios (handi talkies/HTs), change frequencies, replace battery packs (if needed), be able to use repeaters as well as VHF simplex with their HTs, and follow proper radio procedures.

The emergency simulation drill will follow FEMA’s National Incident Management System (NIMS) methodology to plan and execute the response to the simulated disaster.  Specific instruction will be given to participants on-site so knowing what to do will be easy to understand.

To allow participants to prepare & be ready in advance of the event, the following ICS forms are available on-line for your information.  ICS-201 provides information about the simulated emergency and useful information.  ICS-205 & 205A provide more specifics as to radio frequencies and comm leads assigned.

2022-03-26 ICS Form 201 Incident Briefing
2022-03-26 ICS Form 205 Incident Radio Communications Plan
2022-03-26 ICS Form 205A Responders Communication List

Please review the programming or setup of your HTs prior to arrival on-site to ensure you have the needed frequencies available and that you are comfortable with the operation of your HT.  There will not be time at the event for you to learn how to use your radio…so a little preparation on your part will do much to prevent frustration to yourself and others.  🙂

We Need A Tow.
If you have a vehicle with suitable towing gear and would consider towing our comm trailer to and from the event, please let us hear from you now.  Experience with trailer towing and a vehicle-mounted brake controller is suggested as the comm trailer is fairly heavy and large.  Contact Robert Berman (see contact info below) if you’re willing to help.

While advance registration is not mandatory and walk-ins are welcome, the best experience will be obtained by notifying Robert Berman, W4SET, of your plans to participate or if you have questions.  He may be contacted at 423-619-1678 or via email at Due to the proximity of the event date, phone calls are encouraged.

It’s a family event so bring ’em along to enjoy the day with you.  Don’t miss out on a fun way to get more radio experience and have a great day at Chester Frost Park with your radio family.

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