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Area Repeaters

These are repeaters in our area. You may sort the list by various criteria (like state, frequency, band, etc.) by clicking the arrowhead symbols at the top of the desired sorting column. You may also search for specific information using the Search field. After concluding a search, please remember to click the "x" to the right of the search field to remove your search criteria and return the table view to normal.
BandFrequencyOffsetToneCoverage AreaStateOwnerNotes
6M53.350MinusChattanoogaTNK4VCM / Tom Morgan
6M53.730Minus192.8GeorgetownTNWD4OAR / Ocoee Amateur Radio
6M53.130Minus141.3DaltonGAN4BZJ / Bert Coker
400 MHz443.575Plus131.8CollegedaleTNKA6UHV / Paul Seifert
400 MHz442.150PlusChattanoogaTNWJ9J / Andy Zorca, Signal Mt.
400 MHz442.650Plus100.0Chattanooga & NW GAGAW4EDP / Emmett Perdue
400 MHz442.725PlusNo ToneChattanoogaTNW4EDP / Emmett PerdueYaesu Fusion with Wires-X Connectivity
400 MHz444.150PlusNo ToneChattanoogaTNW4PL / Chattanooga Old Timers Amateur Radio SocietyDMR w/Brandmeister & Yaesu Fusion (local only)
400 MHz444.450PlusHixson/ChattanoogaTNWJ9J / Andy Zorca, Big Ridge Mt.
400 MHz444.100PlusChattanoogaTNW4AM / CARC Club RepeaterYaesu Fusion System
400 MHz442.425PlusChattanooga/WaldenTNW4YI / Steaven Rogers (IRLP)
400 MHz444.700Plus100.0Sequatchie County ACSTNAC4HG Ben Timmerman
400 MHz444.900Plus88.5Chattanooga/East RidgeTNW4YI / Steaven Rogers
400 MHz442.250Plus118.8ClevelandTNWD4DES / Joseph Riner
400 MHz444.275PlusClevelandTNW4GZX / Cleveland Club Repeater
400 MHz442.450Plus88.5ClevelandTNKD4NED / Jeremy Gault
400 MHz442.925PlusCleveland/White Oak Mt.TNWD4OAR / Ocoee Amateur Radio
400 MHz443.925PlusRinggoldGAW4BAB / David Babb
400 MHz443.150PlusChattanoogaTNW4PL / Chattanooga Old Timers Amateur Radio SocietyD-STAR Network - Icom
400 MHz444.725PlusLookout MtnTN/GAW4RRG / Emmett Perdue
Linked to REF030C
D-STAR Network - ircDDB
2M147.000Plus131.8CollegedaleTNKA6UHV / Paul Seifert
2M146.610Minus107.2ChattanoogaTNW4AM / CARC Club Repeater
2M146.790MinusChattanoogaTNK4VCM / Tom MorganYaesu Fusion System
2M145.130MinusChattanoogaTNK4CMY / Tom Wolfe
2M145.390MinusChattanoogaTNW4AM / CARC Club Repeater
2M147.180Plus118.8ClevelandTNWD4DES / Joseph Riner
2M147.105PlusClevelandTNKD4NEC / Bob Gault
2M146.925Minus114.8ClevelandTNW4GZX / Cleveland Club Repeater
2M147.255PlusPetros/Frz MtnTNKJ4SI / Joel Hall
2M146.715Minus67.0RinggoldGAW4ABZ / Ringgold High School Amateur Radio Club
2M147.135Plus141.3DaltonGAN4BZJ / Burt Coker
2M145.290PlusChattanoogaTNW4PL / Chat. Old Timers Amateur Radio SocietyD-STAR Network - Icom
220 MHz224.780MinusChattanoogaTNK4VCM / Tom Morgan
220 MHz224.320MinusClevelandTNKK4US / Carrell Deacon
220 MHz224.920MinusClevelandTNW4RRG / Rebel Repeater Group
220 MHz224.360Minus100.0DaltonGAW4RRG / Rebel Repeater Group
220 MHz224.460Minus141.3DaltonGAN4BZJ / Bert Coker
220 MHz224.680Minus141.3DaltonGAN4BZJ / Bert Coker
220 MHz224.740Minus141.3DaltonGAN4KVC / Joy Coker
220 MHz224.560MinusLookout Mtn.GAW4RRG / Rebel Repeater Group
1.2 GHz1291.000PlusChattanoogaTNW4PL / Chattanooga Old Timers Amateur Radio SocietyD-STAR Network - Icom