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APRS Tracking

The Automated Position Reporting System (APRS) is often built into new amateur radio equipment and other gear.  It reports the position of the APRS-equipped device on a pre-determined basis via the constellation of Global Positioning Satellites (GPS) orbiting the planet.  Callsigns are often used to identify amateur radio equipment transmitting APRS data.

Fixed location APRS devices can also report their position via the Internet.  Either way, the result is a great tool to locate stations and in the case of TDOT, highway incidents.  Fixed location weatherstations denoted by a blue “WX” symbol busily report localized (micro-climate) information to the National Weather Service and other weather services like Weather Underground.  Several area repeaters are equipped with APRS.

The Google map below is realtime and will change frequently to denote the current location of moving APRS Stations. The update cycle of a given APRS device depends upon its own individual settings.